900 years of
celebrating food

Experience hospitality inspired by a history of excellence and innovation – from the kitchens and gardens of Auckland Castle

For over 900 years, the Prince Bishops of Durham indulged in sharing food and leisure time with their guests.  Using innovative ingredients and celebrating novel cooking methods, the kitchens and gardens at Auckland Castle led the way in pioneering food production.

Today, our team walks in that same tradition, using those same gardens and sharing the same passion: to create an exceptional experience. We want to share our passion for our craft, but most importantly, we want to create memorable moments for you.

Bishop’s Kitchen is part of The Auckland Project which means that all profits from our sales contribute to making sure that Bishop Auckland’s future is even more magnificent than its past.


We operate in a way that supports the environment. Ingredients are grown in the 17th century Walled Garden at Auckland Castle, by a team of highly skilled gardeners. These, alongside those sourced through carefully cultivated partnerships with local farmers and suppliers, ensure high quality produce with as few air miles as possible.   


We’re committed to hiring from within our local community, and to providing opportunities to learn and develop from apprenticeship positions through to leadership roles. Six graduates of our apprentice programme, the Weston Bursaries, are currently full time members of staff, and our aim is to develop this home grown pool of talent for the benefit of the broader community.  


Helping Bishop Auckland to thrive by combatting food poverty is something we’re passionate about. To date, we’ve produced 4,600 meals for children at risk of malnourishment in 2019 and over 20,000 emergency meals and food packages for people unable to access food during the Covid-19 lockdown of Spring 2020.